Cabinet Maker Manager

Cabinet Maker Manager
Штат : Нью-Йорк
Город : New-York
Tel. 917-468-3984
Цена: Договорная $

Custom cabinet shop seeking someone who has the capability to manage and oversee the overall operation of a cabinet shop and has at least 10 years experience in this field. Must be able to interpret drawings and blueprints and is able to properly measure the required job. Must be able to provide excellent customer service and ensure the safety of the worksite and the workers. Must have the ability to maintain the demands of the production and deadlines and have have excellent teamwork. Must be able to coordinate and respond to requests for changes from original specifications and monitors the project. Responsibilities will include planning, assigning and directing the work, as well as addressing questions and concerns of the workers. Interested applicants or if you have further questions, please call Avi at 917-468-3984 or email a resume to



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